Reporting for IBM TSM

Reporting for IBM TSM

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BACKUP EAGLE® Reporting for IBM TSM         

BACKUP EAGLE® Backup Reporting for IBM TSM includes all evidence of your backup jobs and configuration changes as well as reports and evaluations of your IBM TSM environment.

Use preconfigured BACKUP EAGLE® reports or configure your own IBM TSM reports (Accounting, Audit & Compliance, Forecasts, Management Reports).

In addition to IBM TSM (now: IBM Spectrum Protect), BACKUP EAGLE® also supports other backup software products:

IBM TSM Environment - Status


  • Customise your IBM Spectrum Protect Dashboards to fit your requirements.
  • Views for additional departments, topics and tenants (such as "M01") can be shown in additional dashboards.

IBM TSM reports

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM reports by topics

  • proof of backups & restores
  • audit & compliance
  • capacities and forecasts
  • configuration documentation
  • backup servers and backup devices

IBM TSM backups

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM backup report

  • View the results of all IBM TSM backups and restores clearly structured in a report.

IBM TSM backups with details

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM backup detail report

  • You can easily configure this IBM Spectrum Protect report to include additional details.

IBM TSM audit

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM audit report

  • This report especially for audit verifications contains all IBM TSM backups and restores of the past day, including the audit comments on the faulty backups & restores.

IBM TSM capacity planning

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM capacity and forecast report

  • This report is an example of a forecast and is designed for capacity planning issues.

IBM TSM configuration

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM node configuration report

  • This report is an example of a daily BACKUP EAGLE configuration report and shows the specifications of an ISP client / registered node.
  • All ISP configuration reports are generated automatically on a daily basis and additionally on request.

IBM TSM configuration

BACKUP EAGLE® TSM configuration changes report

  • This IBM TSM report lists all changes of the IBM TSM configuration.
  • The report is generated daily automatically and additionally on-demand.

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