Veeam backup monitoring

Veeam backup monitoring

reliable, complete and minimal effort

BACKUP EAGLE® for Rubrik Enterprise Backup        

BACKUP EAGLE® Backup Monitoring for Rubrik Enterprise Backup simplifies the daily control of your backup processing and configuration.

  • The daily control of your backups & restores is drastically simplified. At the same time your efforts are reduced.
  • The health status of your Rubrik environment is constantly monitored.
  • A comprehensive monitoring via several backup software tools (e.g. Rubrik with IBM Spectrum Protect) is possible.

Besides Rubrik Backup Enterprise, BACKUP EAGLE® also supports monitoring for other backup software products:


Rubrik Enterprise Backup dashboards

BACKUP EAGLE® dashboards

  • Customise your Rubrik Enterprise Backup dashboards to meet your needs.
  • Views for additional areas, topics and clients (such as "M01") can be displayed in additional dashboards.

Rubrik backup monitoring

BACKUP EAGLE® daily checking of backups

  • All Rubrik backup jobs are shown clearly arranged in a list with the most important attributes directly.
  • Additional information of a backup job - error messages, direct view on the last 30 backups (results, quantities) can be found in the detail area.

Rubrik backup monitoring

BACKUP EAGLE® monthly and annual views

  • Monthly view: includes all backups cumulated per day.
  • Annual view: includes all backups cumulated per month.

Rubrik Enterprise Backup server monitoring

BACKUP EAGLE® server checks

  • Keep an overview of the status of your Rubrik servers based on server checks with threshold values.
  • If you select a Rubrik server check, all detailed information about the current status and the development of the last 31 days is displayed.

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