Backup Reporting for SEP sesam

Backup Reporting for SEP sesam

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BACKUP EAGLE® for SEP sesam        

BACKUP EAGLE® Reporting for SEP sesam includes all evidence of your backup jobs and configuration changes as well as reports and analyses of your SEP sesam backup environment.

Use preconfigured BACKUP EAGLE® reports or configure your own SEP sesamreports (Accounting, Audit & Compliance, Forecasts, Management Reports).

In addition to SEP sesam, BACKUP EAGLE® also supports other backup software products:


SEP sesam Dashboards

BACKUP EAGLE® dashboards provides a quick view of your backup environment. The dashboard elements can be individually configured in terms of content and arrangement. It is also possible to split or extend the dashboard to more than one dashboard (e.g. one dashboard per client / topic / department).

1.  Separate dashboard for each backup software (here: SEP sesam)

2. Separate dashboards for each department / client (here: Department A02)


SEP sesam Reports

All BACKUP EAGLE® reports can be configured for any period of time and any desired format (~.pdf, ~.html, ~.csv, ~.xls). Content can be easily filtered (servers, nodes, schedules, domains, return codes, ...). The BACKUP EAGLE® standard reports are automatically generated daily.

1.  Backup results -  BACKUP EAGLE® default report

This report contains all SEP sesam backups and restores.

2.  Backup results detailled -  BACKUP EAGLE® default report

This report contains additional details per backup / restore (error messages, etc.)

3.  SEP sesam proof of verification for audits - BACKUP EAGLE® default report

This report especially for audits contains all backups and restores of the previous day, including the audit comments on the faulty backups / restores.

4.  SEP sesam clients detailled  -  BACKUP EAGLE®  configuration documentation

The configuration of your IBM Spectrum Protect environment is completely created daily and is therefore chronologically documented.

5.  SEP sesam mediapools  -  BACKUP EAGLE®  configuration documentation

This configuration report documents the SEP sesam Mediapools daily.

6.  Configuration changes -  BACKUP EAGLE®  configuration documentation

This report also documents all configuration changes.



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